New song: Carrickfergus

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, we have released a new song: Carrickfergus (live). This is one of the many traditional melodies that we each grew up listening to, and our version was recorded live (from two difference locations) during lockdown last year.

We hope you enjoy this early St. Patrick’s Day gift!

love always,Amanda & Sheila

YouTube video:

Listen here:…

A New Single, a Lunch Date and a Christmas Show

With this Holiday season being unlike any other, we wanted to gift you with something extra special. Check out our version of “The Christmas Waltz”, now streaming worldwide!

Facebook Live Event

Be sure to join us for our “Christmas Lunch and a Show” on Friday December 18 at 12 Noon EST. We’ll be going live on Facebook to celebrate the release of our new single. We’ll also be premiering a very special mini Christmas concert, pre-wrapped for our fans, just in time for the Holidays!

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Dizzy & Fay release Holiday Single

Jazz has always been Amanda’s secret love, and over the past year she has been exploring that passion in earnest. The result is Dizzy & Fay – a musical collaboration with Canadian pianist and producer extraordinaire, Mark Lalama. Their late night jazz songs are perhaps best described as “love songs to the American Songbook…Think late nights, jazz cigarettes, AMSRomance and songs you swear you’ve loved your whole life.”

Check out their newly released first single, “I Wish That You Were Here”, a sweeping send up to Holiday nostalgia that rings especially true this year. Now streaming worldwide on all platforms!

Be sure to read this beautiful review on

New Single from Amanda, “I Will Be The Light”

Because we all need a little more light these days… 
Amanda here. I have decided to share my song ‘I Will Be The Light’ exclusively on my website. This song means so much to me. Not only is it my first ever release as a solo artist, but it is the first song I’ll be sharing from the Walk With Me Movie soundtrack.
My friend and band-mate Mark Lalama produced it, and somehow managed to capture all my feelings into every second of the song. It also features Mark on a whole bunch of keys, Richard Moore with killer bass and the stellar Davide Di Renzo on drums. Seriously. I brought out the big guns for this one.
Special thanks to Sheila Carabine for the inspiration and for being in my corner the whole time.
It will be available for streaming on all platforms on April 21, but until then you can have a listen and even buy the mp3 on my website.
Thanks for the continued love and support. I am forever filled with gratitude xoxoxo

Kennedy Road releases debut album, “A Little Fight Left Yet”

“Polished and unpretentious, intelligent, mature…a gem”
– Bob Chelmick, host of CKUA’s The Road Home

After a year and a half of writing and recording together, Sheila and her bandmate Brian MacMillan, better known as Kennedy Road, have released their debut album. “A Little Fight Left Yet” is a striking collection of 11 original songs, including “Oh Darlin’ Don’t You Know”, “The Heart Will Buzz”, “Job Song” and “The Ocean”. The album was produced and engineered by Brian here in Toronto, and the album artwork was designed by none other than Amanda Walther.

The album will also be available on vinyl, so keep checking Kennedy Road’s website for more updates. 

Click here to have a listen, and be sure to pick up a copy today!

“Christmas Time Is Not The Same” out today!

Happy Release Day! “Christmas Time Is Not The Same” is out today on all platforms! This song was inspired by the loss of a close family member, a loss that was felt that much more keenly during the holidays. We know this time of year can be especially challenging for so many, so let’s treasure our time together as the real gift.
Special thank you to Brian MacMillan for playing on and producing this song, and for Drew Jurecka and Bret Higgins for their beautiful performances. Photo by Jen Squires
Xoxo Amanda and Sheila

New Release: Christmas Time Is Not The Same

BIG NEWS: We will be releasing a BRAND NEW SONG, “Christmas Time Is Not The Same”, on Friday November 29! Mark your calendars!

Sheila: I was writing my Christmas cards, and I caught myself about to write the name of someone who had passed away earlier in the year. It woke me up to the reality of loss; how it comes to you in waves, and often at the most unexpected of moments. I hope this song offers a bit of comfort to anyone feeling an extra pang of sadness this time of year. To grieve is to have loved. What a gift. xo

Walk With Me

Over the past five years, Amanda has been working with Writer/Director Isabel del Rosal, crafting what is now the full soundtrack for Isabel’s beautiful new film “Walk With Me”. Amanda wrote 16 original songs for the project, all of which are woven seamlessly throughout the foreground and background of the story. This past Saturday, a big gang of us headed down to New York City to celebrate the completion of this labour of love; We attended a private premiere in Manhattan with the cast and crew, as well as their nearest and dearest. To see Amanda’s name in the credits not once, not twice, but 16 times, was something none of us will ever forget. When the lights came up, I looked around and every single person in our row was wiping away tears. In fact, everyone in the theatre was wiping away tears.

“Walk With Me” is a gentle and moving story about the fear that can prevent us from taking that leap towards love. The film beautifully captures this simple truth: all we have to do is take the first step. And then another. And another….

“Walk With Me” will be released to broader audiences in the coming year. We’ll be sure to provide all the details on how, where and when you can see it.

Congratulations to Isabel del Rosal, and the entire cast and crew of “Walk With Me”.

Amanda, you’re a superstar. I’m not crying, you’re crying.