San Francisco Bliss


Grass Valley, CA. photo by Tony Finnerty

It’s taken two days to get back in to eastern time since Sheila and I returned home from California, but I’m still not quite used to the cold.

Grass Valley: I have just recently become a coffee drinker, and my thirst for flavour was quenched at Carolines Coffee Roasters in Grass Valley. The vintage decor and the huge bags of perfectly roasted coffee beans in the front window made it a little piece of heaven. On the advice of the audience at the Center for the Arts, we made sure to catch the view from the Yuba River overlook. What a sight!

Sutter Creek: Fresh thin crust pizza, funny postcards, chocolate fudge, and an old fashioned ice cream parlour…. I have a huge crush on Sutter Creek.

San Francisco: Our show at the Freight and Salvage was the perfect way to begin our 5 days in San Francisco! We spent most of our trip shooting videos for the new album, exploring the beautiful landscape of the coast, and we even had time to return to our favourite spots downtown. Our talented friend and videographer, Luke Divers, captured the best moments on film, and managed to stay sane dispite spending 8 days straight with Dala. My top memory: sunset on the edge of the world…en route to Stinson Beach.

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It was a sad day when we had to catch our flights home, especially considering that our hearts were left behind….still soaking in the beauty of northern California.
Thanks to all of our friends and fans who came out to support us. We can’t wait to return to California in October.


photo by Luke Divers