North-East Beauty

I’ve already crocheted a baby blanket and a hat, so we seem to be at the half-way point of Dala’s North East US Spring tour. Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We’re just following the coastline, singing our Dala songs.

Highlights so far:

Michael’s Toys: Rutland, VT

I stopped into this amazing toy shop of handmade wooden toys. I got to meet Michael himself, who had a big white beard….toys, big white beard…..I’m just saying….

Newport Harbour, RI

We enjoyed a Friday afternoon by the waterfront with a bowl of fresh clam chowder and an ice-cream cone! (I can never resist ice-cream). You should eat at the Black Pearl if you get the chance!

Burlington, VT

The Church Street Pedestrian Mall was amazing. Every 20 ft there was something new to take in, from a man juggling fire, and violin/guitar duo playing sweet jazz, to a man singing Bon Iver covers. Afterwards we had lunch at Magnolia, an awesome restaurant recommended to us by the lovely ladies from Madison Violet. I’m sure glad they did; I could have had one of everything on the menu!

Hiking in Randolph, VT

Paul, our amazing sound tech, went for a hike yesterday morning. Sheila and I slept in. After the “bear encounter” we had last summer in Canmore AB, we are less inclined to go hiking while on tour.

Sweet Summer Drives

Today we took advantage of the warm summer weather and made frequent stops along our route. We enjoyed the stunning waterfall in Middletown, and I even got to stop at “Knits & Bolts” to replenish my yarn supply. (Sheila is my only friend).

Well we’ve got a lot more tour ahead of us. Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and then we end this tour with our return to “Concerts and the Crossing” in Titusville, N.J. ! What a life!

See you soon, Dala fans!


Waterfall in Middlebury, VT