We’ll miss you, “One Night Stand”!

Well it’s a sad day for Dala. On our wintery drive from Lloydminster to Westlock Alberta we finally finished our cheesy romance novel “One Night Stand”. Now we are left with not only an empty space in our hearts…. but in our brains as well. For I am convinced that I’m just a little bit stupid-er for having read this book.

TOP QUOTES from “One Night Stand”:

1. ” But I’m a fighter–not a dancer.” -Reed Corrigan

2. “When he brought her home, he kissed her in the car, suggested they see Dances with Wolves the following night, and drove away.”

3. “Never would not be too soon”

4.  “…allowing her passion, rage, and frustration to emerge through her body, she began to dance Vegas-style jazz”

5. “Reed was wearing beige suede trousers with a full-sleeved silk shirt in which he looked wholly and disturbingly masculine”

6. “[Jodie] painted her fingernails bright orange, and made up her face with green and gold eyeshadow and tangerine lipstick…then she put on orange and green figured harem trousers and an orange silk shirt, leaving as many of the shirt buttons undone as she dared.”

*Dala note: These are the worst dressed people on earth.

7. “He said huskily, ‘I’m early and you’re perfect’.”

8. “One night wasn’t enough for Jodie. Loving her was a package deal- she came with tomorrows.”

Well I think that says it all.