10 Things I Learned On Our U.S. Tour

  1. Regardless of how early it is, never leave the car in ‘drive’ when parking on a slope.
  2. Tea cures everything!
  3. When staying in Memphis make sure you bring a big appetite!
  4. Beautiful stationary is hard to find
  5. Cheese strings would probably survive a nuclear bomb
  6. Toronto tap water is my favourite
  7. 2 jackets are better than one
  8. Best friends know how you are feeling even if you don’t know yourself
  9. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is really great!
  10. It takes three days to crochet a blanket

Note to self: The Chocolate Church is not made of chocolate

So we just played the Chocolate Church in Bath, Maine, our last show of this two week tour in (primarily) the North East U.S. It has been a memorable trip for so many reasons; we played to a sold-out room in Natick, debuted in Memphis for 300 people, signed a U.S. record deal and even won a Canadian Folk Music Award for “Vocal Group Of The Year”. All we need to do now is land on the moon!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us on this amazing tour. We are so grateful to have you all in our corner.

xxx Amanda

p.s. I’ll be finishing up the comic book this week at home as I re-pack my bags for the next tour. It should be ready for our upcoming dates in Ontario! See you all soon!